Would love to see you change.
I’m sorry, I didn’t know.

Would love to rearrange.
The chemicals, you can’t outgrow.

What secrets lie beneath this
Devil’s throne?
Bewildered by and insolent.
When affliction’s, your coping stone.

I’m sorry, I couldn’t care.
Whether your eyes,
and bones,
are even there.

The air, is not so clear.

And I’ll crawl!
Before I grow!
Before I throw!
All away…

As snow does to a fire.
Some nest from which escapes.
Has murmured its ballad.
While your fault lines conspire.

The air, is not so clean.


March 1st, 2007

I’m not a person that has an easy time waking up. Nor am I someone that wakes up out of the blue…without provocation.

However, this morning was a different case. Shortly after 8 a.m. I was wide-awake as if someone had flipped a switch.

I knew today had the potential to be a very hellish day weather-wise but I had no idea just how bad it would be. I hobbled to the kitchen and poured my standard cup of black coffee and flipped on the television.

Today’s “Armageddon” was in full swing. Tornado warning number one had…

October, 20th, 2005

A soft and warm vapor brings me back to my knees.
And the smell is just a reminder of her.
These fingers, dig deep, through the softest hair.
And I find myself deep inside your hole again.

Yet again and again, like a tone that never ends
and all I can feel is you gripping my skin.
One flex is the needle to the vein and I’m
just another junkie, begging for his fix.

Can you call this love? Can you call this reality? No answer is just fine by me. And would I taste you forever…

A shriek in the darkness, a ring of bells, and suddenly you’re stared at by a remarkable soul of embers and decay. Two flaring eyes stare at you with an ominous horror, and another shriek rages from its fiery mouth as it stares you down.
Dark tendrils adorns its thin head, which itself is almost bark-like. An intense heat escapes the creature’s expansive nostrils set within a haggard nose.
Its thin head sits atop a towering, muscular body. Otherworldly faces bulge from its skin, seemingly like a reminder of some event in the past.
The creature moves forward slowly, its two legs sturdily carry its draconic body with a chaotic energy.

Bored the creature moves onward, ignoring you completely.


And I was in the Darkness; so Darkness I became…

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